bdill's Curated Datasets

ID Dataset Name Rows KB File Notes Google Sheets Self Hosted Source
1US annual inflation rates by year9641929-2022. GDP and Fed Funds rateGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv
2US federal minimum wage by year8511938-2022Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv
3US federal govt parties by year166111857-2022Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv
4US Supreme Court roster12125All SCOTUS justices through Ketanji Brown JacksonGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWikipedia
5State level stats514# counties, cities, ZIP codes, districts, schools, populationGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv filevarious
6Census county population 2010-20203143356Population estimates by county for years 2010-2020Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileUS Census Bureau
7Census race by county 2020 3221426race and ethnicity count and % for each countyGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileUS Census Bureau
8Countries List ISO 31662499List of countries as of 2021Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWikipedia
9US Presidential election by county 20203155256US county level votes for POTUS 2020Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv
10US Presidential election by state 2020514US state level votes for POTUS 2020Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv
11World Airport Codes574216087List of all airport codes, city, name, lat/long (2019)Google Sheetcsv
12Electoral College vote state allotment by year528EC vote allotment for each state for all POTUS electionsGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWikipedia
13GDP by country 1960-2021266127GDP (current US$) 1960-2020Google SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWorld Bank
14US Recessions since 18603314Start/End datesGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWikipedia
15Billboard Hot 100334687180831958-08-04 to 2022-09-24 (too big for Pastebin) Google sheet has summary dataGoogle Sheetcsv fileBillboard Hot 100
16US Congresses1203start/end dates for each 2 year CongressGoogle SheetPastebin - Rawcsv fileWikipedia
17US Congress Bioguide515424762Every term served by every Rep & SenatorGoogle Sheetcsv


The Internet has so many good datasets out there, but there are common issues that make them cumbersome to use right away. Many tables combine 2 or more things into a single column which is OK for a visual, but bad for data manipulation. I break each of these items out into their own column so they can be easily sorted and /or filtered.

The US Census Bureau has vast amounts of excellent data sets, but accessing it is daunting for a rookie and there are so many columns/variables that it's hard to know where to start. Meanwhile Wikipedia has lots of good reference data, but it is often formatted in a way that getting it into a spreadsheet is cumbersome at best. Over the years I have scrubbed these data sets into clean and concise tables that are accessable to the novice user. Unless otherwise noted, the self hosted and files are comma separated (*.csv)

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Useful Sources

US Census Bureau - Decennial census, ACS survey, population estimates, etc.

Worldbank - global data by country

Our World in Data many datasets from 2019

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